our nigerian pop star tiwa savage was formerlly a backup singer to beyounce tiwa shares her story on her instagram page to review he past days with beyonce although tiwa left beyonce to start her own sound without grugdes or disregard meant she started her sound and blessed the day she started working with beyonce praying for the fans of the latest hit track the kings the kings is melody sound coming from disney ft some our own international sound breaker including the wizkid and tiwa savageits sad to as royalty coming from disney

#TheGift ... where do I start with this album. I’ve never been more proud to be a brown skin girl just like Im so honored to be a mother to a King. My baby Jamil will be 4 in a few days and I realized that I gave birth to a KING. Mufassa had to remind Simba that he is the son of a king, that’s the message of this beautiful song. It is dedicated to African men and all men of African descant. Our kings are being killed and some jailed without justice. Yes I know this is a movie that shaped a lot of our childhood and we didn’t really see the true message behind it but I believe this soundtrack is a celebration and reminder of who we are. I pray you are blessed while you listen to this song. You’ve been hurt too long and we appreciate you African kings. You are royalty. Omo oba ma gba gbe, run ti oruko Baba re (Son of a king, don’t you EVER forget)
You are the key to your kingdom ❤️
#LionKing #TheGift
Africa the time is Now

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