Nigerian hip hop singer Zlatan Ibile in his Instagram page shares videos of a bunch of kids dancing the  soapy dance and even more, he is pictured giving them money. The soapy dance which was invented by singer Naira Marley caused quite a controversy on social media as many people appear to find the dance disgusting. The controversial dance step, Soapy, seemed to display a person pleasuring himself and this has led to wide spread criticism on social media. Well, not this bunch of kids on the streets apparently, as they were captured by singer Zlatan Ibile doing the dance with huge smiles on their face. In one of the videos, they're heard singing the song and joyfully doing the dance.
further more checking the nairaland shares fans were insulting both zlatan and naira marley 

#tag This is sad. sad
Is this what we teach our Children? How to dance with masturbatory gesticulations Just so we can promote some stupid music from an even more stupid fellow and then pay these kids for debasing themselves and call it charity? angry
Both Zlatan and Naira marley are fools of the first order

#tag to share money for children dancing Soapy"you're a complete fool if you actually fell for the blogger's caption !!

#tag Instead of u to help them to school u are giving them money to dance one yeye dance. Step Down Stoopid

#tag Bunch of idiats I don’t necessarily blame those kids but that fool enabling them I’m guessing that’s fun and amusement how bout you give them money and move on or simply interact with them meaningfully and see how you can better their lives you don’t need millions to do that of bout 4 kids or use your platform to speak to government agencies or private ngos who takes young kids off the streets   

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